The company archive of Kränzle & Ritter is a demo installation of ANTON, the web-based archive database developed by us (Kränzle & Ritter). With the tutorials you get a first insight into the concrete work with ANTON: 101 Archive indexing with ANTON Getting Started: First steps with ANTON

Further information can be found on the product page:<
We are happy to provide personal information and advice:

Test account

On this demo installation you can try out ANTON by browsing our archive or logging in as editor (password: editor) or admin (password: admin) and changing data. The database is reset every 24 hours, i.e. all entries and uploads are deleted.

ANTON is under development. Please report bugs and suggestions for improvement!

Advantages of ANTON

  • All you need for research and editing is a browser.
  • Your development data and further documents (e.g. pictures) are immediately online.
  • ANTON supports international standards.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Competent advice and support.

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